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Depigmentation + Hydration

Linutrx is a promising treatment to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation . The main active ingredient of the formula is tranexamic acid.

Tranexamic acid has been used as a traditional hemostatic medicine. In the skin it inhibits UV-induced plasmin activity in keratinocytes by preventing the binding of plasminogen to the keratinocytes, which ultimately decreases melanocyte tyrosinase activity. Tranexamic acid is suitable to all kinds of skin for removing pigmentation, whitening skin and reducing spots. Nevertheless tranexamic acid does not directly affect the tyrosinase and to obtain the best results we combined it with safe and effective skin lightening ingredients like Hyaluronic acid , glutathione, Ascorbic acide, kojic acid and niacinamide.


Works on

Hyperpigmentation activiation of collagen and elastin production


• 1 treatment every 10/15 days to be repeated 4/6 times.

• Wait 2 months and repeat another cycle.

• At the end of this Cycle repeat the treatment once a month for 2 consecutive months.

• Wait 6 months and repeat the cycle twice.


The cocktail can be used both in needling/microneedling sessions (mesogun, dermap-en, dermaroller, ets.) and in non-invasive mesotherapy (ultrasound, phonophoresis, electroporation, etc.).

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