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Was founded with the vision to keep motivatingon skin and hair health.

By creating new and better types of treatments for physicians and patients. Works in close collaboration with the medical community to achieve this goal and have leading physicians on our advisory panel. Our technology is a game-changer in regenerative medicine.

Dexial Plus

DEXIAL is a multi bio-revitalizing cocktail- dermal bio-remodelling & bio-stimulation one of the most advanced and effective product in the field of dermal bio-stimulation and bio-regeneration. 

Kylix Glow

sterile cosmeceutical solution rich in three molecular weights hyaluronic acid, acetyl octapeptide-3 and pentapeptide-18, B5, PP and B1 vitamins, DMAE and organic silicon. Formulated as a balance to have a revitalizing, moisturizing and firming effect.


Linutrx is a promising treatment to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation . The main active ingredient of the formula is tranexamic acid.

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Embrace ageless grace and unveil an even-toned, luminous complexion with our scientifically-driven skincare solutions.

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